Health System Strengthening by Gavi

Thesis - For my Master in Global Health at Maastricht University I wrote my thesis about Gavi's approach to Health System Strengthening. The full title of the thesis is: Understanding the translation of the health system strengthening concept into practice by Gavi and its effects; a qualitative analysis according to the Bacchi approach. My conclusion:... Continue Reading →


Willingness and Ability to pay for Health Insurance in Myanmar

For my Master thesis in Healthcare Policy Innovation and Management at Maastricht University I performed a household survey on the willingness and ability to pay for health insurance in Myanmar. My conclusion: Almost 75% of the population was willing to pay for health insurance. Therefore, the social security scheme could possibly be expanded. Currently I... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Solidarity in Health Insurances

Should people who live unhealthy pay more for their health insurance? In my Bachelor European Public Health at Maastricht University I challenge this question via a literature review. My answer. Lifestyle solidarity in health insurances can be limited based on beliefs, but is unlikely to affect public health positively. A positive alternative less lifestyle solidarity... Continue Reading →

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